How to measure my dog?

Measuring process is most important thing when buying dog clothes. For detailed instructions how to correctly measure your dog, visit Guide How to Measure Your Dog Page

When will I receive my product?

Since we are international store, we can not give you very accurate information when your order will be delivered. If you chose priority shipping option on checkout post services will speed up your shipping process.

How do I place my order?

Orders can be placed directly on our website. If you are unable to process an order on, please contact us via contact form for additional assistance.

How can I check the status of my order?

Order status can be checked on order page which you can find on a list of your orders on “My Account” page.

Is my payment safe?

All payments on are 100% safe since we use PayPal payment processor. Credit card payments are also processed trough PayPal. More about payments you can read in Payment Options page.

We do not store any payment information on our website. More about privacy you can read by visiting our Privacy Policy page.

Can I save items in my shopping cart for purchase at a later date?

Yes. Items placed in your shopping cart and not purchased will remain for 30 days. Your saved shopping cart is accessible only from the computer where it was created. To access your cart from multiple locations, please click on “My Account” and create an account.

What about shipping?

Please refer to our Shipping Informatipn page for details.

How can I report a store experience?

Please let us know about your shopping experience in a Jo-Ann store by using our convenient contact form . We appreciate your feedback!

How do I change my email, username or password?

Registered users may change their username or password by accessing “My Account”. Click the “edit your password and account  details” button and then make your updates.

How do I change/update my billing and shipping address?

To update your account information including billing address, shipping address, payment information, and registration, go to “My Account“.

How can I search for a prticular item?

To search for items on The Dog Clothes you can use search bar at the top of the page or down at the bottom.

How can I find more information about an item on the website?

Many items have additional information available. To find out more:

  • Read what other customers say about an item in the customer reviews
  • Read the Description tab and Shipping Info tab on the Product Detail page
  • See other items by a certain brand by clicking the Shop by Brand link

If you have more questions about an item’s picture or description, please contact us via contact form.

Do I have to register to place an order with TheDogClothes?

No. You are not required to register to place an order. TheDogClothes membership is optional and free of charge. Becoming a member will make your shopping experience more convenient by allowing us to prefill your address, remember the items in your shopping cart, keep all of your shipping addresses, and track all of your orders. The “My Account” function will allow you to view any previous order information, including items ordered and ship dates.

I have previously ordered from TheDogClothes. Why don't I have a username?

You will only have a username if you have created an account with TheDogClothes. An account requires a unique username and a password. To create an account, click on “My Account” in the upper right hand area of the home page.

How do I sign up for a TheDogClothes account?

To create an account, click on “My Account” at the top right-hand area of the home page.

Why am I getting a password error message when attempting to log in to my account?

Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. Also, you may have accidentally mistyped your username and therefore the password you are entering does not match with that name. Please double check your username.

Can I get a rain check for an out-of-stock item?

Please note that TheDogClothes does not offer rain checks or process backorders. However, when prompted, you can provide us with an e-mail address and we will notify you by e-mail when the item comes back in stock.

How do I enter a promotion code for my order?

Promotion codes, if applicable, can be entered on the shopping cart page by clicking on “My Cart” on the top right of any page after adding items to your cart. The promotion code field is below the item details before the subtotal.

What coupons can I use on the website?

You may use any coupon which states it is valid to be used on TheDogClothes. Please read the coupon details carefully for terms of use.

How many coupons can be used during a store visit?

There are instances when TheDogClothes offers customers more than one (1) coupon that is valid during the same time period. The register system was designed to adhere to these requirements, so if the register accepts the use of two (2) or more coupons, it is likely that the coupons comply with these requirements. Customers generally may use more than one (1) coupon in a transaction with the following exceptions:

  • They cannot use two (2) identical coupons (i.e., coupons with the same barcode number) in one (1) transaction.
  • They cannot use two (2) or more transaction-level discounts in one (1) transaction.
  • They cannot apply two (2) coupons or discounts to the same item.

Why is my coupon code not working?

If your coupon does not seem to be working, please check the following:

  • Did you type in the coupon promotion code exactly as it appears? Be sure to remove any extra spaces before or after the promotion code.
  • Has the coupon expired? Or, is the coupon not yet active?
  • Is the coupon able to be used on TheDogClothes or is it valid in some other stores? To determine this, please read the coupon details carefully.
  • Are you trying to use the coupon on an item which is excluded from coupon use? To determine if you can use a code on the item you are purchasing please review the coupon exclusion language, or review the product copy for an exclusion note. Please note that you can use only one coupon or promotion code per order on TheDogClothes.
  • Is the coupon valid for your shipping destination?

Can I use more than one promotion code per order?

No. At this time you are able to use one coupon or promotion code per order on TheDogClothes.

How do I redeem a coupon online?

On the shopping cart review page (click on “My Cart” at the upper right-hand corner of the page), there is a field near the center of the screen where your promotion code can be entered. You must click the “Apply” button next to the field in order for the promotion code to apply to your order.

If I forget to enter a promo code can my order price be adjusted?

An order may be able to be adjusted within 30 minutes and please contact us to discuss order options.

Can I iron the dog clothes?

You can iron the dog clothes normally as other clothes. If there is an image on it, turn the dog clothes inside out to make sure image not to crack.

How to was the dog clothes?

You should wash the dog clothes on 30 – 40 degrees Celsius with a full spin cycle. Make sure to turn the clothes with an image inside out so the image quality lasts longer. Also, do not wash it by hands!